The Track & Trace Academy is symbolized by a logo picturing the very special „Moebius strip“ which captivates with its interesting construction. If starting at any point on the strap, it is not possible to reach exactly this point again by moving around the strap only once. First you may appear that you are getting to the same point, but it is on the opposite side. A second round will get you back to the starting point. This is the idea of track & trace: every point on the strap is reachable without leaving the system.

To emphasize the importance of the idea behind the logo, we thought of having the Moebius strip designed as a sculpture – forged in metal. Since modern metalworkers are not necessarily equipped to forge complicated objects starting from scratch, realizing our idea was a challenge. Nevertheless a small local company dared to try.

Shaping the 8 mm thick metal strap into a Moebius strip required several attempts. Piece by piece small segments of the nearly 2 m long steel strap had to be shaped. Handling 20 kilos of heavy, scorching hot steel was not an easy task, but the result was worth it.