Track and Trace
Track and Trace

The dramatic increase of counterfeit industrial products and consumer goods does not only lead to a loss of profit and image for the attacked brands, it also might result in serious negative effects on consumers’ health. Products from the pharmaceutical and food industry are affected as well as those from the automotive and aviation industry. These branches concern us all.

Supply Chain

In addition to marking each individual product, the focus on controlling its supply chain has increased. The surge of counterfeits in the pharmaceutical industry has led to the development of different national regulations and diverse requirements for marking and serialization.

While, for example, the California ePedigree focuses on the traceability of the individual product through the supply chain in order to protect the sales process, European efforts are focused on securing the individual product by means of end-to-end verification. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products must therefore realize different regulations in their packaging lines to supply individual sales markets. Modular track & trace systems can be easily adapted to different compliance requirements and meet all requirements for successful product tracking.

Just as important as the right system, is the training of those employees who are involved in the packaging and supply chain process. As modular as the solutions are the training courses at the Track & Trace Academy.